Danh Mục


As a functional ingredient, JBC-Panko is used in coating systems, extenders, fillers, and as a dust in pizza dough to control moisture migration.
Seafood: Shrimps, Fish fillets,squid, octopus, scallop, surimi, and crab claws 
Poultry, red meats :muscle portions, nuggets and wings, bone-in-chicken
Vegetables-fruit: potato, yam, sweet potato,onions, mushrooms and cheese.

1) Industrial processing
Seafood processors can lessen the ice layer by melting it with a surface of salt . It results in improved textures and easier product handling.
Pre-dust with fine mix

 A thick layer of ice results in poor adhesion. The same problem occurs if the moisture level of the fish is too high. This may result in voids, areas bare of any coating. A fine coating used before the application of the batter, it not only improves the adhesion but helps carry flavours. In addition they increase the pick-up, help ensure a more even coverage and enhance crispiness. A flour-based predust can then absorb surface moisture
However, an excessive level of predust can intensify adhesion problems

Batter Coating
The batter influences the breader pick-up, adhesion, flavour, colour, texture and overall appearance of the finished product. If poor adhesion happens, the steam generated during frying causes coating "air pillowing" or "blow-off," loss of the coating in the frying oven.
The outer coating of the finished product is idealy with gourmet style Panko- breadcrumb or a combination blend of crumbs flours and spices. The choice of outer coating will strongly influence to the final appearance of the product and its flavour and texture

2) Home Processing

Using this method if you are without  Breadcrumb Panko

Tempura and (2 in 1) Frying powder are traditional puff type batter used for all types Vegetables, Seafood, Poultry and Meats.  When deep fried until golden brown the finished product will have a smooth shell that is very crunchy but without the hard spots

Directions For Use:   Mix 500g Tempura Batter Mix with 400ml cold water.  Lightly coat vegetable or meat in dry 2 in 1 Premix, then dip in Tempura.  Allow excess tempura to drain then gently place in 170oC oil.  Hold suspended in oil for 5-6 seconds until batter puffs and sets.  Allow item to cook until golden brown.  When fully cooked, batter will be crisp and will hold very well under a heat lamp. Pre-dusting is extremely important for items fried with Tempura.