A-Mixing product: Using on many kind of food, either with Panko breadcrumb or alone, they are designed to create a dough-like texture and to provide an adhesive layer between the food, substrate and the outer breading layer. They included:

Starch-based predusts work well on fish, shirmps. They quickly set-up and provide a good base for the subsequent layer of breading.

Batter: The batter must set up before the product gets to the fryer so that the coating remains on the product. That requires adhesion to the substrate and cohesion within the coating system. Their ingredient included: wheat flour, starch, corn flour, leavening, gum. The combination of sodium bicarbonate and a leavening acid forms carbon dioxide bubbles entrapped in the matrix when heated.
Adhesion batters are designed to provide an adhesive layer between the substrate and the outer breading layer. Starch forms viscosity during the application process, and to hold moisture. Methylcellulose (MC), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) form films to keep the batter intact and their thermal gelation properties aid cohesiveness during heating. Other gums, such as alginates, gellan gum and carrageenan gel in the presence of ionic salts. Guar and xanthan can increase batter viscosit in low-solids batters to ensure the correct application rate and help keep solids suspended.

A popular batters for seafood, designed to be used without breaded, is Tempurar batter.

We produce standard batter-mix each needs only adding of specified amount of water in order be ready to use. Any of these items can be a base for a Custom Blend item to suit the users' need. Please call us for a Batter made to specific specifications. Batter Mix provides a consistent viscosity and a tremendous amount of adhesion as well as crispiness. It replaced Milk/Egg wash normally using in kitchen today. There is no added flavor or spice in this product and it can be mixed thicker or thinner with no adverse effects.

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