B-Fermentation Products:
Breadcrumbs are an important ingredient in the coating system of many frozen foods, but also can assist with other formulation challenges. In history of  breadcrumbs, manufacturers have developed a wide variety of crumbs to entice the consumer. These include:

Cracker meals:
They contain only flour and water. Cracker meals are used for binders, thickeners, and extenders. Added to soups and sauces, they function as thickeners and, when used as a coating, they increase product yield.

White breaders: are second generation sheeted products. They also contain flour and water. However, they also may contain browning agents, leavening agents, salt, oil, and flavorings. They typically are used as a pre-dust or outer coating. When used as an outer coating and with the addition of leavening agents, they produce a tender bite on the finished product.
Colored breaders typically are used as an outer coating and are the third generation of sheeted products. They are similar in formulation to white breaders but contain coloring agents and most often are used for pre-fry items that are oven reconstituted. Common coloring agents are oleoresins of paprika, annatto, turmeric, or caramel powders.

American bread crumbs (ABC): manufactured from dried, ground loaves of yeast-raised bread and typically used on raw-breaded or par-fried products for oven or fry cooking. This gives a crisp texture that is not as tough as a cracker meal breader. ABC were introduced into the commercial market around 1947 as a seafood coating. It was a means of utilizing stale bread from commercial bakeries. The ABC is commonly used as a binder to improve product yield and retain natural juices.

Japanese Bread Crumbs (JBC)- Panko : Today, the gourmet breadcrumb of choice in many of the world’s finest restaurants is Japanese Bread Crumbs (JBC) Great chefs from Asia to Europe & america all agree these breadcrumbs are unrivaled in upscale applications.
JBC originated in Japan in approximately 1970. Most fish products use JBC. The JBC are larger, eats crispier and stays crunchy longer under a heat lamp. This crumb is delicate and requires specific equipment for application to ensure uniform coverage.

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