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Bread crumbs - Our Panko


Our Sumimoto Panko-Japanese style Breadcrumbs starts with yeast-raised bread dough cooked with microwaves/electrode resistance. Our PANKO are produced by a process of passing electric current under strong magnetic field through loaves to generate heat within the dough. This process is known as electromagnetic baking. Similar in theory to the “induction” stove tops recently introduced, the food itself generates heat rather than the pan being heated by the oven.

Our Panko product has a extreme elongated shape (1-12mm needle shape), and a porous cellular structure that provides a crispy, not-hard texture & delicious & no crust,  low bulk density characterize. Our Panko has a very unique “baking” process which maitaining high protein levels. The crumb offers a light and airy appearance with crispy texture. Because it has no brown crust (due to the very unusual dough formulations, special proofing & unique baking); it commonly used as a shrimp, meat, vegetable breader and delivers a wonderfully tender, crispy bite.

Our Panko can be formulated to deliver a hard crumb, soft crumb, or fresh crumb (10~30% moisture), in all kind of colour (white, yellow, orange, red…) exclusive to Asia. To this day we make the absolute finest Bread Crumb available, granulation is extremely uniform and color is consistent from Batch to Batch